Kristen Cornes (krickadoodle) wrote in giirlygurlz,
Kristen Cornes

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hey , im new here !!

name - sorry i cant tell you that but my nick name is krick

Age - 12

state i live in - louisiana

grade - 6th

one very random thing about myself - i like to ride my 4wheeler every ones and a while

5 activites or hobbies - 1. love playing my flute 2. love making soap with my soap mom ! 3. i love flying and tummbling (cheerleading) 4. love looking my best on the first day of school(always )LOL 4. last but not least , i love make -up .its so my thing !!

from scale 1-10 , how girly are you ? - i love clothes , make - up, cheerleading , short skirts , AIM ,acsesories , jewlery , gettibg my nails done , im such a cat person ,and i love evrey girl thing i get my hands on too LOL
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